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Having read so many comments about the new A380 and forgetting for the sake of this dicussion the engine problems, I am very suprised to read so many mixed reviews.

Initially, the reports were quite positive, perhaps this was the novelty factor, but lately, there have been more and more negative reports. From noisy F to cramped economy. The main exception is Emirates, who seem to have got it more or less right.

So has this given Boeing an opportunity with both the 787 and the new 747 to increase passenger levels of comfort and service. How will the airlines still to take delivery (and there are many) react to the negative reports about the 380.

I have to say I am somewhat suprised or are we just an extremely fussy and demanding lot.

I cant recall posts from some of the forums statesman (or I may have missed them) about their experiences on the 380.

Is the general consensus good or bad about the 380?