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Hardly surprising that WW is still making himself available for talks with Unite. I’m sure there are other internal issues WW may still be involved in.

One of the many, many, grave errors made by BASSA and Unite was to personalise this dispute (as evidenced by the snide remarks above) and portray it as the work of a lone out of control CEO, whereas anyone with a shred of intellect could see that the rest of the company was fully supportive of the need for permanent structural reform.

Even if KW was solely in charge of negotiations any hope of BA doing a u turn and capitulating to Unite’s unreasonable demands is completely misguided.

Looking at the latest list of grievances (all ten of them!) the irony is tragic.

Fortunately more and more crew are seeing the light and resigning from Unite.

As for “weird and wondrous initiatives”, well good luck with that Lenny, Duncan promised us “guerilla tactics” 9 months ago and we’ve been waiting in anticipation ever since!