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Morning All.
I was hoping to use my time today at T5 Galleries to share with you all my first and last Ryanair experience.
Despite successfully checking in yesterday and receiving confirmation that the BA 093 was operational on 22/12, I have learned, through my own checking (no email alerts), that its cancelled and we are left to fend for ourselves to try and find an alternative route if we want to get their before the break…..
My dilemma upon I request fellow travellers support;
We have secured seats on BA to NYC. We need to overnight at JKF – any decent hotels nearby ? & then have a flight on hold (as of now) on Lan routing us to YYZ. Is the Lan flight reliable and will they honour my BA Silver luggage allowance ?
Any ideas would be welcomed…….the thought of being stranded at JFK on 24th does not appeal and maybe I should flex the Amex, transfer to Newark and fly Mr Star Alliances’ Air Canada to their home land and enjoy some ‘Good Old Canadian Hospitality’
Any help on my planning for this trip tomorrow would be appreciated.
Happy Holidays to you All.