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So Colin Matthews has relinquished his bonus, big deal, they’re only going to pay him a bit more next year to compensate. It’s all PR, he should relinquish his job, or be relieved of it.

This country has to ask itself some serious questions about how they want to have their essential public services run. We cannot continue allowing these companies to put their shareholders first at the expense of the travelling public. If they want to run our airports, our rail system, etc, there must be standards to be met over and above the length of queues and the cleanliness of toilets. This was not a rare event, it was an accident waiting to happen. And it’s not about a “culture of blame”, it’s about holding those responsible to account. Passengers should be compensated, not by BA, but by BAA.

I’m sure that Willie Walsh would be the first to admit that he could perhaps have handled the situation a bit better, the website could have been a bit more robust, but at the end of the day, whatever he did or did not do, it wouldn’t have gotten more planes in the sky and more people home.

I for one would be quite happy to forgive Willie his minor transgressions if only he could make sure that a 777 with New First is rostered onto my route tomorrow.

PS. I wonder if Rebekah ever made it to Switzerland, she’s gone awfully quiet.

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