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The cynical use of VCC (Volunteer Cabin Crew – other BA staff, trained to basic level in CC duties, to aid in breaking legitimate industrial action) has undoubtably exaserpated the situation.

De-icing specialists are working as VCC as opposed to being on stand-by and working in this weather, they have been caught down line unable to return. VK is mistaken wrt VCC routes – BA, in order to incentivise VCC and punish experienced crew, place VCC on the more lucrative routes – many of which are LHR based.

BA leadership reneged on a November agreement with BASSA to utilise the professional, experienced crew, who had made themselves available first, when a disruption is invoked , and use VCC as last resort.

With experienced crew available, BA leaders chose to roster VCC thus breaking the disruption agreement.

This latest batch of bad weather has again necessitated invoking a “disruption”. Unfortunately as BA’s leadership took advantage of the November disruption to push their VCC agenda this time the “disruption” does not have the support of BASSA. The BA leadership cannot be trusted to put passengers first in times of disruption .

Guess BA’s leadership took a leaf out of Southern Rail’s book of managment when they put both their de-icing trains in for annual maintenance …. in Winter! It would be laughable if it wasn’t so tragic for passengers.