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In relation to VK’s post:

– Hot food maybe available from the UK departure lounges however it is not from the vast majority of their other non UK lounges

– On my recent 777 experience, no food was available in the club kitchen (and having spoken to a couple of people today I understand this is still the case)

– The slop served to me on my recent 777 flight was NOT comparable to that of club Europe- far from it and I was in F

– The Arrivals lounge closes at 2pm and only of use if you’re flying back into the UK – when is the exact time you need it due to no food on the plane or in the lounge from the country you’ve departed from

Unfortunately, I won’t back BA by eating cold food as I can not condone either sides actions – especially when I’ve paid several thousand pounds for the privilege.

I should also add that 4 days after the last strike, they were still serving cold food on the 777’s – irrespective of whatever their spin is now, the reality I am sure, will be far from that.