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I would like to start a new thread, though it is not unconnected to existing ones on eg the future of mainstream airlines, BA’s strike etc.

The question is, why is the budget airline model so successful? The answer appears to be that the travelling public has made Price the single most important determinant of deciding on their choice of airline. It seems that the average airline customer would rather fly cheaply than in comfort if it saves a few pounds.

At first sight this seems understandable. But it is actually very odd. If other industries were so dominated by the question of price (note, NOT value, but price) we would all eat in Macdonalds at the expense of anywhere trying to serve better food, and stay in hostels rather than at more comfortable or convenient hotels. We would all wear rags rather than fashionable and quality clothes, and so on. You get the point.

Other industries and service sectors are able to preserve a full range of quality offerings. Why is the airline industry being so uniquely driven by a race to the bottom?

And what can those of us who do like a bit of comfort and are prepared to pay (with our own money) for it, do about it?