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On March 16th, I was booked on SWISS LX1070 from ZRH to FRA.

I did not really feel well, but boarded the plane. During wait time and rolling, de-icing and waiting I was feeling more nauseous and quickly felt very bad, difficulties with breathing and cardiac problems, I was sweat wet in 10 minutes.

The Maitre de cabin/Purser asked me twice how I feel since my situation must have been visible. After some talking and progressively getting worse, I decided to deboard, the crew called an ambulance. Of course, some passengers complained when they realized we were rolling back to position, I know how such an event disturbs meeting an travel plans. Anyway, after a very long wait, even the captain could not understand what took so long, an ambulance arrived from Buehlach. The Maitre de Cabine made the announcement and asked for some understanding since it was about a life.

Additionally they called a helicopter, which arrived quickly from a nearby SAR base and I was finally taken to University Clinics in Zurich.

Arriving there, I had a pulmonary decompensation and was taken to the shock room for some hours, got external breathing and intensive care, three days later I walked again the first time.

I can hardly express my thanks for the human support, the compassion and the friendlyness of the whole crew and deepest respect for aborting the flight, although this is a bad commercial thing to do. I would definitely not have survived the flight, my doctors explained to me, when I was back to speaking mode on Friday, 18th.

My travel companion was taken care of, helped with mobile phone to call my wife and daughter to inform them.

Even the captain wished me good luck when I was in the ambulance. While I write this I am still tearful since it was a very traumatic clsoe-to-dying experience for me.

The second good part:
My companion, never having travelled intercontintally, having flown twice in her life, was devastated. After some hours wait she was informed that I had stabilized and would survive, she was brought – by a friendly nurse- to the airport.

SWISS ground personell reböoked her without even having to show the letter from the hospital, someone brought her to the gate when she broke in tears, to make sure she would make the right flight.

Upon arrival, SWISS had organized for taking out our baggage, going through and informing customs that this was from two persons, she was helped out to arrivals, where her dad picked her up.

Also here, a friendly, helpful and very human handling of the situation from start to end.

Also here, my deep appreciation for the ground staff in ZRH and FRA for a more than perfect help and assistance and human compassion and sympathy.. Everybody did much more than described in the job description.

BRAVO and thanks, Swiss!

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