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Hello Everyone,

it is nice to be back again from another trip to see that the BT forum is alive and well and the all of the usual suspects are at each others throats again and as usual, or it seems as usual, about BA.

There have been some sensible well argued contributions to this thread and some that frankly just do not make any sense to me at all.

As regular contributors to this forum are aware, I am no fan of BA but that does not mean that I want to see it brought to it’s knees by a union leadership that seems to care more about it’s own well being than that of the people who pay their subscriptions to keep them in their jobs in the hope that they will look out for their best interests. I have to question the wisdom of calling a strike at this time when the damage done could actually end up costing many Unite members’s jobs if BA cannot get their cost base to a more competitive level and redundancies end up being the only solution.

Geoheuveuk- how can you possibly argue that WW is single handeley responsible for the strike? Are you honestly saying that Unite bares no responsibility at all?

I have on many occassions on this forum disagreed with VK and the content of some of the threads he has written. I have always tried to do by stating my side of an arguement without becoming personal or abusive as there is no place for that kind of post on this forum.

I do however find myself agreeing with most of what he has had to say on this thread as it makes sense. Is VK bias towards BA, yes he is and that is his right, but he is no more pro BA than MarkRoberts is anti BA. that to is his right.

I have no axe to grind here as my travel plans have not been affected by the strike.

I have also talked to many friends who work at BA as i have kept in touch with a number of excellent people who did a great job for me both on the ground and in the air a few years ago when I did use BA and had a Gold Card. They are all working through the strike, all are LHR based, as they are not prepared to have the airline hijacked by a union leadership hellbent on achieving their own agenda.

For me, it is great shame that their voices cannot be heard more loudly as they are the one s that matter. They would all rather accept the necessary changes that would keep all of them in long term employment than the lottery tht will exist if things are not sorted out quickly.

I wish everyone a Happy long Easter weekend and safe travells,


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