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Hey JimBannerman1,

I am just totally fed up with this BA situaiton. We have so much going on in this country that it is such a shame that 2 mature corporate entities are acting like aa bunch of 3 years olds in a kindergarten. The two major players are just sparring together like school kids. If you dress casually you think casually, if you dress like a hoody, you act like a hoody. For goodness sake, why on earth the two sides cant just lock themselves away and find a solution – i feel the that Unite would be better off going on an all out strike to force a solution.

I give VK respect – i beleive he is an economist, so has a clear understanding of the situation, but even with his technical knowledge, he cant even suggest a way forward. Its all pathetic. I can just imagine a smiling man, with a goatie beard who has kept his head down, on his Necker island, ready to buy up all the slots that BA will surely have to sell if this goes on much longer.

Time has never been better to learn from the Catholic church about how to solve problem………………..!