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All the commentaries so far are just describing a midfield passing game with most attempts to move forward resulting in boring dead balls. Both managers should pull their teams off for a time out, encourage the players to work as a team rather than for indivudual purposes and work a way through the the midfield. Unfotuantely, the longer this boring outfield play continues, the more likely it is that ‘extra time’ will be needed.

The Catholic Church have a proceudre that always seems to work. When the time to vote a new Pope all the Cardinals are locked away ‘concalve’ and they have to work it out together, without the cameras and without the PR gurus.

Lock Walsh and the Unions away and only unlock the door once a solution has been found. That way, the Airline can keep flying, the union can keep negotiating, the emplyees keep their jobs and the shareholders maintain their value.

Sounds too simple – its like Sunday league football, take the money away from the game and you get a purer form of the sport.

Come on BA and Unite, grow up, be mature and stop costing the business a fortune.