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The Times page 19, March 12th 2010…

” A British Airways Computer Specialist charged with planning a suicide bombing, had volunteered to work as cabin crew during the strike action, City of Westminster Magistrates Court heard yesterday.

The charges state that Mr Karim remained in Britain to obtain a passport, got a Job with BA & gathered information useful to terrorists in Yemen. The Terror fundraising charge alleges that he collected money which was sent to Yemen & Bangladesh, to further terrorist acts, including suicide Bombing.
Further allegation relate to an attack on B A’s Computers, to cause the company Financial loss!

No say much about B A Staff recruitment & policies & procedures these days..or the security of their “Volunteer Crew”!
Still, another First for BA having an employee charged with terrorist offences. Worrying…
What have they come to…?

Only a few hours later were the Motley crew of the MP’s charged with Fraud in the same Dock…