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Reachme747 – whilst i have no idea where you bought your ticket, in the rare cicrcumstances where a service is so appalling and it can be proven that I have tried to get my case heard by the airline, I have taken the offending airline to the small claims court (in the UK) via an online submission after consulting a solicitor to find out exactly what breach i can claim.

The last instance was when i was “misled”, by one of my favourite airlines and I was overcharged by £700. To simplify my situation a superb Customer Service clerk put in wiritng on headed paper “I agree that you were misled”.

Then the issue of compensation was started.

First space available upgrade – my answer was that i was perfectly happy with my seat thank you very much, if i want an upgrade i will pay for it myself. In other words, i prefered my £700 back, rather than a chance upgrade from club world to first, at the gate.

Second offer was a £700 voucher which i could only use by calling the airline, could not use on line and the airline confirmed i would be charged £25 for booking over the phone and the seat prices would be higher than the online prices. I refused this offer becasue as i was overcharged, i prefered to get my money back and i could then decide how to spend my money that the airline overcharged me.

Then I decided to take the case to court – so I went online, completed the court form and sent it to the airline saying that if i had no response within 24 hours I would let the courts decide.

Within 24 hours the customer services clerk was replaced by the airlines legal department with an offer of a refund conditional on an nda and a statement confirming by making the payment, there was no admission of liabilty….etc

Again I refused to accept. I had a letter confirming i was misled, if i had to sign an nda, i was going to make an additional claim, after all, if my silence was being bought, the airline should have to pay for that privalidge.

24 hours later my credit card was refunded in full – why on earth did they not do that in the first place.

So, my advice is that if you get no joy with your customer services or a director and your complaint is serious enough to fall under a category of contract law that enables you to issue a summons through the courts at little or no cost – go that route and you will be suprised how quickly the airline will jump. As to your burnt hand, I presume you went to the dr and took pictures of the burn marks – that is valuable evidence.

The downside is that i am likely to have a big black trouble maker mark besides my name, despite being a gold card holder. Do i care, not really becasue i never look for upgrades, except of course when i am invited by a friendly crew memebr or pilot who just happens to be a personal friend.

Bottom line with Customer Services departments is that they shoul dnot be politicians who are wonderful fence sitters and wont answer the question and address client complaints properly and professionaly.

Swiss could easily have sent you a letter of apology admiting their faults and providing one of those, contact me next time you fly so we can do something special for you.

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