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I did 4 sectors almost back to back on the same aircraft earlier in the year with 4 different crews – the service varied a huge amount from outstanding one on sector to mediocre on two of them and good on the 4th. The plane itself wasn’t great as the IFE was broken (not that I minded because I just needed to sleep) but what I experienced was a lack of communication between crews, so each new tried to do the safety demo and failed and then had to resort to a manual demo, each made an announcement to say the IFE was starting, only to make an announcement 15 mins later to say it was broken etc the service and experience should be uniform and outstanding buts it’s not. Thankfully more often than nit, I personally find it very good.

And in answer to your question, Ive never been contacted by BA customer service about postings here – unless BT gave therm our contact details they would have no way of doing this