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Upgrades and Staff Travel. The way it works and the info crew receive.
Of course, if you have paid for your premium cabin ticket it can certainly be irritating to see, what looks like, upgrades or staff in the same cabin.
As for being treated differently, the crew will endeavour to treat everyone the same, ensuring the customer has the best experience of the First product. If the customer is a regular then we know that they know what is expected. If the customer is upgraded due to oversales they will receive the same service. If the customer is staff or are maybe treating themselves to a First class flight we will want them to have the best experience possible, one to remember. So, whoever the customer is we want them to receive the best for a number of reasons.
As for priority service, crew love a quiet life, therefore we will do the best we can with the resources available to ensure all customers have everything they want. If, for example, everyone wanted the same thing for dinner, who do YOU think should have priority?
Prems, Gold, Silver, ticketed First, upgraded pax, staff. Fair enough?

Info we have.
We know: Who has paid full-fare.
Your tier of Executive Club membership.
Who had been upgraded .
Staff passengers and their cabin entitlement.
Who has been rude to groundstaff, who to keep an eye on.

We do not know if people have upgraded with miles.

There is absolutely no resentment of any type for upgraded pax. Eveyone is due a little bit of luck, if it is your lucky day, fair play.
However, if you have been upgraded and start acting like the big ‘I am’ this will result in notes being made, passed on and you can bet it will never happen to you again.
It is more a problem with Economy to Club upgrades due to oversales rather than with Club to First, but it does happen.

Staff passengers.
Some staff are entitled to travel in First or Club. This could be because of their position in the company or length of service.
Like it or not, this is the way it is. Staff should try to keep a low profile. Some staff are better at doing this than others. Crew travelling know the score, a baggage handler with 30 years service and his wife off to Dehli may not. I mentioned on another thread, if you work for Ford you will receive discounts when you buy a car. Customers can’t go to Ford and complain about this. In our industry the product we have is the onboard service. Utilising this rewards staff and does positive things for morale, which can only be a good thing for all.
If you have worked for an airline for 25 years there isn’t much else they can reward you with.
Frequent flyers will be able to spot staff or upgrades, but please know they do not receive preferential treatment. Staff will always have last choice of food for example. Very rarely will staff be sat in a cabin they are not entitled to.
The good old days of putting your dear old mother in a nice seat if they were travelling on a flight with you have, BY ORDER, been banned by BA – citing THEFT. Make up your own minds there folks.

FCTraveller mentioned a pilot taking a seat in the cabin. Fair enough to ask why?
If the flight requires 3 pilots only 2 operate at one time. The other one is not required and can ‘rest’. Most aircraft have bunks however a few do not, therefore a premium seat is blocked for them.
The best place for them to be is in the cabin closest to the flightdeck. Should the brown stuff hit the fan you want all hands on deck ASAP.
Also, to prevent fatigue, it is best for our drivers to have the quietest cabin and most comfortable seat. Of course, it is unlikely they will sleep if it is 11am, they may watch a movie, but so would you.

I hope that is of some use folks.

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