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Krug – indeed, it did take us almost 2 hours to get our bags back at Helsinki off the LHR-HEL leg the night before. Everything to do with the baggage handlers and nothing to do with the weather. I have very little sympathy with them.

However, you should remember that not everyone who takes industrial action is a “communist.” I have no idea what the politics of their union(s) is or are. However, I would prefer to describe them as “suicidal idiots” because their actions are harming the reputation of an otherwise pretty good airline (which is still in financial trouble) and an otherwise excellent airport. So, for what must be the tenth time of asking, please can we keep cheap party political gibes away from the Forum?

Also, at least AY didn’t cancel more than one or two flights, despite the fact that it was snowing heavily and some 17 degrees below – unlike BA who, as evidenced by other parties’ posts elsewhere, seem to cancel their flights for whatever the reason they choose, and then blame the weather.