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Brilliant, F09. Many thanks!

The trains look pretty good, and from other research I know that the fares are unbelievably cheap – €20 (approx) for the 3-hour journey from Zagreb to Ljubljana in first class (that’s a return fare, I believe). Makes trains in the UK look what they are – I paid £28 one-way for the 1-hour journey from where I live to Wolverhampton last week on Cross-Country trains, and about £150 for a Virgin first class return between Birmingham and Milton Keynes (less than an hour each way).

One of my consultancy assignments at the moment involves trying to persuade people to use modes other than the private car. With rail fares as high as we have, that’s not easy.

I’ll report back on Croatian and Slovenian trains in due course (I go in November).

Thanks for the advice and help, folks.