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Hi everyone !!

In general you are right Senator. If LH has not got any knowledge of theses disreputable HONs then they have nothing to hide and feel guilty of something.

Another thing, you think the German Authorities will just bother LH with something senseless and let the Media knows about it ?? Is not that quite a very stupid thing to do? LH could file for lawsuit as their reputation could be at stake here !! If the accusations are right and LH deliberately knows of the disreputable HON’s business attitudes and still offer them the prestigous HON Circle Card for free–what kind of a message is that to other HONs who are reputable persons who struggles to earn those 600.000 miles in 2 years. They strive to get the card and feel free to be in such luxuriuos haven. And for LH who then knows about those criminal attitudes of their HONs–what would the normal pax of LH think about this?
It sounds like in a bad third world country which is known for corruption and sleaze mentality.

And how will that feel as a reputable HON– when during your stay in the First Class Terminal or Lounges in FRA/MUC…the German Authorities will be conducting checks frequently -asking HONs, if they are allegedly involve in certain drug-plagarism trafficking, money laundrying or financing terrorism ??
The lounges are supposed to be known as a haven for luxurious serenity and outstanding experiences –and definitely not a place for random checks of any possible drug lords or financer of terrorism/money laundering.

That will be an absolutely PR disaster and a very bad picture of HON Circle. Who will go in such lounges and be a possible candidate for a check–just do not forget you are being monitored already for just having a HON Circle card for free !!

About the comment that LH will only reward famous people in music/cinema industry or politicians if they have earned the miles required—I have heard often that LH management make certain exemptions to some circle of people–so you cannot say in general that they do not do it !!

Certainly nobody wants any background checks inorder to get one’s airline highest status level. This is in general a ground not to be a member for this loyalty club. LH is definitely in a bad picture here.

Just hope that LH and the German Authorities settle this one properly and those CONs will definitely get banned for being HONs !! I am sure no reputable HONs would like to be associated with such CONs in any place.

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