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In response to BA Goldcard and Gooner- it would appear that those who, like me, disapporove of BA’s latest stunt, outnumber the handful of you who don’t see anything wrong with it.
As for me not saying anything interesting, well, as you can see, I started this thread and it has gone on to generate (heated?) debate.
I don’t slag BA off, it just so happens they commit one faux-pas after another and consequently set themselves up for criticism. Can you distinguish between a slagging off and genuine criticism boys? Apparently not. Obviously, there are other BT readers out there who feel similarly about BA (i.e. they disapprove).
Will I stop criticising BA?No, unless they start getting their act together.Similarly, I won’t stop criticising other airlines or highlighting their drawbacks so that other BT readers are forewarned.
Not all of us are wealthy (nouveau riche?) like you so an extra £60 hits us hard (incidentally, has anyone considered how this is going to affect people in the Third World who use BA? For instance, a pound is about 79 Rupees.So, anyone flying from India to London, who isn’t eligible for free seat selection, will have to pay an extra Rs.4,740 for the privilege of selecting a seat, twice that if they’re connecting through London onto another destination on BA. Do you really see them sticking by BA? I expect a mass exodus to Jet, Kingfisher, Air India, the Gulf carries, and the other European carriers that fly between India and Europe and the Americas. Indeed, it’s a sad state of affairs when Third World carriers don’t charge for seat selection but First World carriers do.) The very fact that you don’t appreciate this and don’t see how it’s wrong shows you’re somewhat disconnected from the rest of us, up there in your ivory tower (or, in this context, the J Class Upper Deck on the 747 ?).
As for slagging off VK…it’s mostly been in retaliation to some snide, sarcastic, offensive remark he’s made about me. Am I going to stop that?No.If he, or any of you (Gooner and BA Goldcard) want to dish it out you can expect to have it heaved back in your faces in spades.
Now, fasten your seat belts because we’re in for some turbulence :o)

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