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Hi everyone!!

First of all, as I have said before, this is a platform for everyone to express his/her opinion. Everyone’s opinion should be tolerated and handled with respect.

I am a loyal BA flyer and that is why I critize this airline directly and often with harsch words, because I care for it !! I like flying with BA and like the service in the air and on the ground( inspite of periodical occurences/factors like rude F/A, uncomfortable Club Europe seat, inconsitent food quality in F and C cabins in certain routes etc which really challenge my patience and loyalty…)
So when issues like these arouse which addresses to most of the pax who are flying with BA, it is normal to hear it and let them express their thoughts. Then these people are in general who fly with and like BA. In my opinion it is not normal to be always on the side of BA’s policies
( otherwise if you are being sponsored from this company–probably everything is bearable!!). If you are a normal paying pax–let aside the national pride issues of flying BA and issues like these make you difficult to fly with BA–it angers you. Yes, such steps alienate those who are not ExecClub status holder.

So if the reader or user of this platform write such negative comments, we only want BA to reconsider such steps. It is really easy to turn our backs from BA and fly with other airlines at the moment which tend to offer their pax more lucrative privileges for nothing, for example the increase of checked luggage allowance by GF and EK.

GoonerLondon if the constant negative comments is to much for your taste, well–you do not need to read it !! I personally think it is not helpful, if you dare one of the user in this platform to reveal him-/herself. What is the point?? It just looks pathetic.

I personally don’t care, if I write such direct words to W. Walsh or M O’Leary or R. Branson which defy them.– for me they are normal human beings who just tend to run their firms and that is it !!! Especially in their position or backgrounds they have to know, endure and handle such critics.

About Vintage Krug and other user here in this platform. I think everyone of us is “old and sensible” enough to defend him/herself without anyone needed to be second.
If anyone here tends to speak all to favourable for a company, it just doesn’t fit in the general feelings and opinions of normal flyers nowadays.
So those people just have to expect some uncordial words or comments, if they praise their “favourite airline” all to obviously. As we are still the paying part in this side of the road and not the other way around !!

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