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I flew on the so called “Refurbished 773 down from SIN to SYD 17th Sept 09. This was highlighted by BT, & a few people asked me to leave my comments…

SQ have made serious mistakes here…!

The aircraft is clearly old, very noisy, & the cabin seemed poorly insulated from the engine noise, despite me sitting 2 rows before engines in Business, row 15. I could not hear the passenger speaking next to me as we took off at all! the windows were vibrating through the whole 7 hrs flight, as was the shell of my seat.
It was truly the most noisy plane i have taken in years…

Then this Regional seat!
Its NOT angle lie flat i can tell you. Its in 3 pieces that don’t fit comfortably to sleep. The lower leather foot rest falls at a 45^ angle down from your knee to be about 2 inches of the floor. The other 2 cushions under yr hip have a big gap in the middle when stretched out big enough put put yr fist inside & are at a lesser steep angle than yr legs & feet.
I had to roll up a blanket to “Plug it” into the gap, to even make it remotely join.
So you have 3 sections, with yr knees at one angle of 45^, impossible to sleep on yr side or turn as yr feet will lie unsupported in the air!
Nice leather cushions but completely impractical, you slide constantly down, & the leg position will pressure yr circulation in the leg, so a hazard for DVT.

There is little privacy to the seat next to you, the shell badly designed so even when you are reclined, if the person next to you turns towards your side, you will get his breath in yr face! No privacy or space.

The side of the seat when reclined, has a gap again you can easily make a fist in-between on the R a little less so on the left. Anything you drop goes down between the seat & the sealed shell & you have to climb out of yr seat to retrieve it from the front- what a stupid flaw!

Bizzarely so, the whole cabin seating is very low set in the cabin & , with the head rests not covering the back of yr head! If you were more than 6ft tall, you will not have a proper head support. Several other passengers were very unhappy, one man stating that the seats were so small, that he has to look Down at the video screen creating a poor sight angle, & he has to sit & watch not only his screen but the next person in front & the one further along. Such is the low seating you catch parts of the screen of passengers in front for several rows, very annoying.

There is noise pollution in the whole cabin, carrying all around from all of the seats & rows in one section of Business class. The man 3 rows in front of me on the other side, every time he turned his newspapers page everyone else could here it, as conversations, Toilet doors opening at the back of the cabin, crew movements etc.
Light is the same with no private level of seating blocking out the whole cabin light or noise as a break, it just penetrates the whole of the cabin.
The aisles are also pretty stupidly designed as you arrive at the front of the cabin where the galleys start, & then 1st is situated.
Before we even took off, a passenger literally bumped into a crew member & knocked her to the ground!
The curtains & gap into the cabin are small, & you have to walk Diagonally one step each way to move right then left to get between. Several crew & passengers hit their shoulders & legs arms during the flight, it is really too small, too angled & a safety hazard. Its this angle /, & the curtain hides the inner part making it impossible to see ahead.
I have never seen this with such a small space or angle on any other aircraft, it is totally impractical.

A very badly designed cabin, foolish use of the space height wise, seats that are too low, awkward uncomfortable, flaws in the gaps of between sections of the seat & at the side, & a 45 ^ angle from the knees down to the floor. This is NOT a lie flat angle seat in any sense of the word. I would rather use the old style Raffles seating that at least operated at one angle, without gaps in the cushions, & some, comfort & privacy.

To top it all, SQ now give you a printed menu on the overnight flights (on this 773 SQ231 service leaving at 00.30hr daily arriving to Sydney 11am, with an 8 hr schedule flight), offering you your ONE meal for either dinner or breakfast!!! One course too…
Not much point if you haven’t eaten that eve, or want breakfast as well, & certainly my “Book the cook” green peppercorn beefsteak, not a good breakfast option! there are no other food or snacks on board.

My beefsteak came 2 hrs before landing having had absolutely no sleep, badgered by noise & light all night, only to find it was a 60% lump of grissle from the centre. Really disgusting.
2 other passengers found the same & it was sent back by all, so we had nothing to eat as a main meal for this flight.

I also noted that many of the foods on selection in the buffet in the Silver Ikris Lounge at T3 Changai, were poorly stocked. hey had no milk, few desserts even though they had empty dishes, 3 pieces of cheese which were quickly snapped up, & a few off pieces of fruit.
Visibly people were not happy. I was there for 3 hrs, & this only got worse when the lounge was full with the several hundred passengers for flights worldwide, around Midnight. Truly a great drop in standards,.

I HIGHLY advise anyone who needs to take an overnight trip on this regional seating to completely avoid this aircraft, or i believe the A333 on the Brisbane or Perth routes that were also mentioned by another BT reader.
In all aspects it is a completely un-sutiable aircraft & cabin for an overnight flight 7+ hr flight, & in my view a complete waste of money. This 773 is old, noisy from outside to in there seems little shell to insulate, & inside its far from private or quiet with the poorly designed cabin & complete waste of height space. For one of the main flights overnight this is not a suitable cabin design.

Singapore Airlines are losing their grip!
Running now only one A380 a day with the new 1-2-1 business seating, , one old 747 with Raffles 2-3-2 seating, this 773 with regional seating, & a 773-ER with the new business (A380) seating, its a mess SIN – SYD.
My aircraft was changed from the ER to this regional aircraft, & I will not be using it again, it simply was not worth the money paid & does not meet the suitability for travelling overnight.

I shall be putting this in writing to SQ IN Sydney, & having my flights changed to travel on the new business service as i originally booked (A380 & 773-ER). I shall also include all comments made & observations by fellow passengers, there was a distinct annoyance & disatisfaction of those in this totally full C class cabin.

It’s a rip off to provide this aircraft & cabin, & pathetic meal service for up to an 8 hr flight, for SQ, & degraded their image & reputation for service.
They really must get their act together on what business class they offer on what route, not variations with every one of the 4 flights.
I will not use them down to Sydney in future or Australia.
This experience really did bring home how badly things have gone at SQ, & in my view they don’t any longer have the in-varied reputation they once did, it is not consistent from any angle that is was a few yrs ago.

Sorry its long guys, but you wanted a detailed account, done my best.

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