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It is rumoured that JFK, NRT and PVG are the likely to be the first destinaions of the A380. The first flights with the “blue bird or more likely the German frequent flyers called their national airline: Hansa ” will be in the beginning or middle of 2010. I am so curious what kind of F class seats will be installed. Is it going to be like the new F suite of LX or more likely the secluded version of SQ, EY, 9W… ?? About C class seating, hopefully not a lie flat angled sliding nightmare in slick leather like the new C regional of SQ!!! But more likely the one which US will be introducing in the near future.
This is really awkward to say but…I hope in this matter LH will follow US and not SQ… whow!! that was quite creepy to say …. What was it I posted earlier that the airlines are in constant movement of reinventing themselves…hopefully for the better and for our own sake primarily.