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I think you raise some interesting questions here Hess. I am not sure that the majority of business travellers would vote because they saw an advertisment in the media. I would like to think that business travellers were a little more enlightened to fall for the ad mans campagins.

There probably is something to be said for people voting for something because they “heard about from where ever”. There are a number of questions I leave blank in the survey because, for example, I don’t travel to India so I would not have a clue who was the best Indian airline. Why would I want to tick say Jet if I have not flown with them.

There could also be some true in the fact that people do tick the box for the airline they travel the most, but logic will tell you that if you don’t like something then you don’t vote for it. We business travellers are a funny lot, quite a few years ago I was waiting to board a BA flight at MAN and a lady was handing out the standard BA questionaire form but seemed to be avoiding men and women in suits. She briefly made eye contact with me and went to go to the person behind and I said “oh, don’t I get one then” she then said “would you fill one in” I said I would be happy to she then said “oh you are nice, most people I ask in suits are rude and don’t want one”.

One final thing about the survey, at least one is able to complete the form or on line at ones own leisure and can pick it up and put it down again, think about the questions and answer honestly. Not like the garage I used to take my car to that trust a questionaire in front of me and asked me to complete it there and then and hand it back. When I refused the guy asked why I said that I could hardly be honest if I had to hand it back there and then. The firm would then only get the answer it wants to hear and not the real answer

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