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Agree with all of the above!

AF have ruined the Flying Dutchman program, but least the KLM Brand was kept, far more appealing & deserving of loyalty, as are the Dutch in Business.

FB are completely useless when you contact them phone or email, with basic obvious mistakes they will never put right, & remain rude & unhelpful.
You earn less miles now, it has increased for spending a flight, approx 30% less overall value!
However, with my Gold card renewed o my EU flights numbers alone , 30 per year to qualify, have to say they are one of the most pleasant KLM to fly in EU. Lounges are excellent in LHR & Amsterdam, planes in great form, new comfortable, & very reliable.

Wonder if AF are to “Pack them in” at the back, as both Airlines added another seat across in Y on their 777’s, which i would not now fly.
But they have a premium economy in also, new?
See how they compare to others with the A380?