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Hi everyone. Although the topic of this dicussion was a bit different one of what we are discussing now, I’m totally agree with you. I’m silver status at Lufthansa, and just normal Ivory at AF’s, although I have lot of miles to use at AF’s due to my AMEX card. However, at the end, why do we use one airline to other? for its FF program or for their schedule and convenience? I’m based in Valencia, Spain, although Iberia , from here, has te wider range, most of the times we use both AF (2 daily flights to CDG with its partner Air Europa) and LX (one daily to ZRH) . But although trying to look for the higher amount of miles to obtain, most of the times, I have just to “pass through the ring” and use the opposite one of my status level. Maybe you guys, based close to a good Hub, has wider options.