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I have used the service in & out & was impressed with the efficiency and ease of this service. It cost 135 RM for single & a bit more for couple & it is fast & very comfortable. You can book with Fazarf at <a href="mailto:[email protected]“>[email protected]

There are cheaper means to get to your accommodation, but this one is great & fast. I was meet by hotel limousin in the past at a cost of more than 350 RM which took over an hour, and also have taken an ordinary red cab at 90 RM which was horrible.

They have a desk at the luggage collection area, so go there first, pay & you will be assigned a free porter (usually a young student) who will take you through custom to the train & into KL. There he will hand you over to the car desk & a driver will whisk you to your hotel.

Has anyone has a better way to do this transfer with so much ease?