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VK – for God’s sake will you please put a bloody sock in it as far as British party politics are concerned!!! You know, for a lowly female check-in clerk at EDI (or Michael O’Leary in disguise), your influence in this Forum is becoming inversely proportional to your (once extensive) knowledge and contribution. Stop sucking up to BA, stop posting offensive political comments, stop making snide and uncalled-for (indeed, bluntly nasty) comments at the (cheap) expense of other contributors and, for Heaven’s sake, just grow up. Your Boris comment would’ve been much more credible without the semi-covert political spin.

I think I speak for a very large (and, it seems, increasing) number of contributors to this Forum, who have just about had enough of your pretentious and (increasingly) offensive drivel. Either grow up or shut up, before you wreck this Forum for the rest of us who are trying to be positive and use it for what it was intended for, which is to help others through sharing experience. You were recently described as a tw*t in this Forum. I found that offensive too, but I understand why that was said.You seem to have an opinion on every subject, even when it’s darned obvious you’re utterly clueless on the topic. Then you resort to abuse and invective against the postee when your lack of knowledge or logic is exposed (or even, it seems, just for the hell of it on your behalf). It is unacceptable, VK. Totally unacceptable.

This is not a platform for the Conservative Party, the Labour Party, the LibDems or even Plaid bleedin’ Cymru or the SNP! It’s an ADVICE forum and I’d advise you, again, to grow up.

In recent months you’ve made totally unprovoked snide comments about my age (as you perceive it) and my social class (again, as you perceive it). I am far from alone in having to take this type of abuse. At least some of us have the b*lls to use our real names on this Forum, and then risk abuse from people like you (no, sorry, only you) who hide behind pseudonyms. You haven’t got any b*lls, VK, obviously. Indeed, that may well be why I have suggested you may actually be a he OR a she. Please, start complying with the social rules that underlie (at least implicitly) this Forum.

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