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@ AllOverTheGaff – 17/06/2013 10:43 GMT

Except if you’re connecting onwards through LHR, what’s not to choose the train these days?

The service standards on both the East and West coast mainline services have improved immeasurably in recent years with newer carriages, improved at seat-catering, faster journey times and decent (advance purchase rather than “show up and travel”) fares. Take in some seriously agreeable views afforded on both routes and it’s pretty much a no-brainer.

I really cannot remember when I last encountered unbearable yobbishness – even returning from Manchester on the same train as travelling Chelsea fans who’d been to Old Trafford. The latter were awesomely knowledgeable about the game – a genuine learning experience! As with most occasions in life, show some interest in others and what they know and who knows what one might learn oneself.

@ Henkel.Trocken – 17/06/2013 11:06 GMT

Don’t collapse in shock but +1….!!!