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Henkel.Trocken – 17/06/2013 10:31 GMT
I’ve yet to buy a ticket in first that is more expensive than BA apart from one bought at very short notice where I think Virgin mugged me.

I’ve been using East Coast First, not only is the fare itself cheaper but I save on airport parking, fuel to get to and from EDI to my house, these two combined costs me around £70.00 + depending on the length of visit.

And, something I discovered only on my last London trip: I was scheduled to return on Monday but wanted to change to Sunday as the hotel made a mess of my room reservation, I bought a new ticket to get me home on Sunday, cancelled the Monday train and got a refund on my original Monday ticket, net cost to me was just over £50.00 for two tickets, as the Sunday ticket was a little more expensive as it was a last minute booking, but I saved a £300.00 hotel room bill for the Sunday night – and this was an advanced 1st saver train ticket too.

Terrific customer service from East Coast Trains.