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That’s appalling, tinovdc. Is this something that calling the Gold Members’ line can help fix or are you locked into the customer complaint procedure? Is it worth submitting a claim for all your expenses as a result of your missing stuff? A friend of mine had a similar experience with BA so submitted receipts for everything she’d needed to buy and they paid up. (Not an ideal solution at all but it would be something).

At the risk of sparking another round of back-biting, there is something that I want to get off my chest.

Simon and alex – both of you need to grow the hell up. What you’re doing here is a textbook definition of trolling and it’s pathetic. For all those complaints that people are being driven away because of VK, it’s really just as much because of posters like you. You really can’t seem to resist the slightest opportunity to stir things up on threads that have absolutely nothing to do with your stupid little vendetta.

I know it’s not just you. There’s a merry little band of similarly wretched individuals who engage in name calling and outrage when their crappy behaviour is pointed out to them.

I’ve been ignoring it as best I can but the last few days have just been bloody nasty to watch. I don’t see debate – I see name calling and behaviour that kids in a playground would be ashamed to indulge in.

I know that BT doesn’t have the resource to mod these boards more closely but frankly, they shouldn’t have to. The sad truth is that I’ve moderated kid’s boards where there’s been more maturity than what I’ve seen here the last few days. Everyone needs to take some flipping responsibility for themselves. You’re all of an age where it’s not unreasonable to expect it.

It’s so sad because the BT boards have a lot of great information and debate on them and they’re really very useful. I know that I’ve learnt a hell of a lot here and it would be brilliant if people could just draw a line under it all, ignore people they don’t like and move on.

So I’ve spoken my mind. No doubt I’ll now get flamed as being a sock puppet or whatever but really, I’m getting to the point of being done here when I don’t want to be.

Please. Take a look at yourselves because you’re killing these forums.


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