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LuganoPirate, I will not condemn you for your view, but will certainly disagree. Here is a few reasons why I fundamentally disagree with your view.

The LoCo,s have opened up travel to people that otherwise could not afford it. That is particularly the case in the emerging economy’s of the Far East and indeed Africa now. That in my view is a very positive thing.

The LoCo,s have opened up places that were never on the leisure travel map before. The LoCo,s do not just satisfy demand, they create it. The economy’s of many places have been bolstered by the arrival of LoCo flights from places they never had visitors before.

The number of people employed worldwide by the LoCo’s, airports, infrastructure and services must be absolutely huge. On top of that Boeing and Airbus have massive order books from the LoCo’s.

The LoCo’s business model is being copied by other services from Parking to Coaches…..Hotels to Supermarkets…..a benefit we can all enjoy even if we do not choose to use the LoCo’s.

The impact of the LoCo’s on the legacy carriers is enormous, mostly to the advantage of the traveller like you that does not use the LoCo model. Most carriers have had to compete with the LoCo’s in the economy cabin, that has brought down prices, increased yields whereby the main carriers are less reliant on the premium cabin income now than they once were, that is reflected in prices of J class not increasing in real terms over the past 5 years ( the Middle Eastern carriers have contributed to that too).

I used a true LoCo, Easyjet last year for the first time. I am a regular on Iberia, a so called full service carrier, however when I compare the economy product of Iberia with the product of Easyjet I fail to see that IB are any more comfortable, safer, on time, better service than their LoCo rival. The only advantage to me using IB over Easyjet is the use of LHR instead of LGW….and that is just due to convenience for me as I live in SW London.

Summing up, I think the LoCo’s have done everybody a favour other than those with a vested interest that hanker back to the days when travel was expensive, airline salarys were high, those managing and working in or for the legacy carriers were owed a living……Lufthansa/Air France spring to mind.

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