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I was on a sector from MUC-ADB a few weeks back lasting 2.5 hours. Service began not long after takeoff with drinks and nibbles and the menu was presented.

The starter was a beef tenderloin and asparagus salad, the choice of mains a red Thai chicken curry or steamed perch, an elderflower panna cotta and then coffee and chocolates. There was a reasonable choice of wines and fizz which was served from a large bottle, I can’t remember what it was but it was French and very good – not a drop of HT in sight 😉 I don’t think anyone either had to settle for a second choice of main. The curry was as good as anything I’ve had outside of Thailand.

The crew were excellent and the service very enjoyable.

On the return the service was similar though as it was afternoon one of the hot choices was a sweet apple dish, I can’t remember the name of it. I had an excellent omelette which interestingly had ham among other things in it and it had been loaded in ADB which surprised me.

For a sector of that length, I wonder how the service compares to CE, I suspect LH is far superior. Then again, they do have the NEK seats which are poor.