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I’m back on my hobby horse…..
Just to add to Alex’s comment, imagine experiencing YYZ-HKG or YVR -SYD and paying through the nose for cramped conditions, even worse than AF’s high density Caribbean configuration !

I posted on the AC news below, if you want to read the full article……

But, I’ve copied and pasted my input below….
By the way ,Bob Harris is AC’s manager in UK & Ireland

I’m sure hoping Bob Harris might read this…

As for me, I used to loyally promote your airline, and encourage people to choose AC over BA. But since I have a reputation to maintain, I can no longer do so without comprimising my integrity.

So please can you answer my questions.

You said… “And then we have the leisure passenger who also wants value for money and having that number of seats in economy allows the fare levels to be set at competitive levels.”

Q1. As a leisure traveller would you rather pay £600pp to travel with Air Transat seat pitch of 32” & 17” wide or £1097pp with a seat pitch of 31” & 17” wide?

Q2. Are you willing to travel with your family from YVR to SYD or YYZ to HKG in “Y” on this aircraft?

Q3. Assuming that you friends value your opinion, would you recommend your cattle class as value for money to your friends?

You said… “The experience, we’re finding, and the feedback we’re getting from customers, is very positive and that’s very good news.”

Q4. Do you think using a world class facility like T2 at LHR properly prepares your unsuspecting passengers for the cramped conditions they are going to experience on board?

Q5. On another thread I commented on the possibility of an airline executive being prosecuted for corporate manslaughter, not to dissimilar to the tobacco companies. So, based on the known health issues linked to cramming people into a confined cabin space for a prolonged period of time, would you be prepared to be that exec?

IMO, if your offering less than a charter airline in comfort levels, then have the decency to charge charter prices and ensure people know upfront they’re going to be flying on an aircraft that is configured worse than a charter airline… Oh and at least have the humanity to install more toilets to accommodate the extra poor souls your about to torture across the pole!!

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