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I agree with flyingforce about the battery life.

My iPhone 3GS gives me about 6 – 8 hours if I have data roaming and 3G active. If not, the best I get is around 12 – 14 hours, even when it’s just sitting in my pocket doing very little.

This makes me extremely sceptical about Apple’s claims for the iPad’s battery life.

The point made about the ability to create a file saving hierarchy is also well made. I have an iPhone app called Folders which helps a little, but even this is, frankly, next to useless.

Again, I ask the question – what added value will iPad actually give to the end user that (s)he doesn’t already get from, say, a MacBookPro Air and an iPhone?

I loved the point made by Andrew about Apple being good at making him part with money for things he doesn’t really need. They do with me, too, Andrew! I also usually buy hardware and then they release another model a few weeks later (viz the MacPro, the iMac and the MacBook Pro, all of which I bought in Dec 2008 – a month later they brought out new-spec models for all three!).