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…. well, at least, what I hate about it’s provision when you are travelling….

Rip-off pricing

I don’t mind paying for a service, and I’m well aware that hotels that offer ‘free’ wifi are simply bundling it into the price of the room, but if I’m paying £200 a night room only, why then am I charged anything from £9.99 to £24.99 for 24 hours wifi access? Answer: loads of reasons: different providers, different contracts, different management policies of the various hotel chains, different prediction as to what I’m prepared to pay etc…

None of which I care about. I’m the customer and in most places, I’m being ripped off. Why doesn’t someone compile a list of hotels which offer it for free (I know about the Radissons) and we can all just stay there until they are all forced to change

High speed should be high speed.

OK, so now I’ve paid for this premium service, and it’s not even high speed. In fact, at peak times of the day (early evening when everyone gets back to the room), there’s barely any strength to the signal at all. What’s the use in that? Someone sends me a PowerPoint attachment and I have to stay up all night waiting for it to download. My wifi at home is quicker, and that’s crap. Sort it out!

Technological support

And surely as part of that £20 per 24 hours, there should be a help line number that is manned and available. I don’t want to email someone and wait 24 hours for a reply. I’ll have checked out by then.

Hotel lobbies

Often the only free wifi is in the lobby, which is presumably why there’s no where decent to sit and balance the laptop on your knee. They want you to go back up to the room and pay for it.

Business centres

They used to be good, now they are rubbish – because we are all in our rooms trying to get the wifi to work

Different wired and wireless providers

This story is true. I pay for wired in the room, rip off price, but at least it’s fast. I come down to the meeting we are having in the hotel, use the wifi – different provider, and am charged for it. Complain, told we should have asked for it to be included in the price of the room hire. The wifi that is. We’d still have had to pay separately for the wired. The reason? Different providers. Nothing the hotel can do about it. ARE YOU KIDDING ? !

Roaming charges

So to save time, I buy a subscription to one of the wifi providers, and now instead of buying wifi by the hour if I manage to find a place that this service provider offers a wifi hotspot, I can get online. Sometimes they even have an agreement with some other provider, meaning I can still get online, though it takes a little longer. Not brilliant, but a start. At least it recognises me. Then I go abroad and I’m Mr Nobody again. Back to buying it at 7.5 Euros an hour. Why? If my mobile phone operator has organised reciprocal arrangements with overseas providers (albeit at outrageous prices), why can’t the wifi provider? It’s the World Wide Web, but for wifi, it stops at a national border.

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