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I’ve used Uber now in cape Town and recently in New York and have had a relatively good experience. What annoys me though is when they say the car will be there in 2 minutes and 5 minutes later it’s still not there. You see on the map car touring around nearby but they don’t seem to come to you!

Staying at the Hilton in New York, I used Uber. the app showed plenty of cars and an arrival time of 2 minutes. Having clicked the button to order the car it immediately stated the car was “arriving”. After almost 20 minutes the status was the same but no sign of the car and traffic was not particularly heavy.

I then cancelled and grabbed a passing yellow cab which also worked out cheaper. However i was rather surprised to be hit with a $10 cancellation charge. I never knew that applied and maybe it’s in the T&C’s but I never saw it.

I immediately complained that I was told the car would arrive in 2 minutes and that after waiting 20 minutes I was justified in cancelling. In fairness they agreed to credit me against another trip which they did but I still feel I should have been informed about a cancellation charge.

Anyone else had any issues with Uber?