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So I use Tumi and no its not about my genitalia TheRealBabushka I wish it was!!

I bought all my Tumi luggage in New York at a sale and was very happy with the bargain that I got, I had one piece for 2 years and then one of the handles literally came away in my hand when I was picking up the luggage off a belt somewhere!

I took it back to the store in NYC and the very sales lady who sold it to me who remembered me (yeah right I know) gave me a brand new piece of luggage as she said what happened should not have happened, so I now have a new piece of luggage. I agree with Stamford777 that the zips are not great but I am assured this is by design so if they get caught they wont pull the bag apart and if you take the bag into a shop they will replace with no cost….

No I don’t work for Tumi just like their luggage and at sale prices they are a bargain and would never pay list price