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Like many of us who fly frequently I’m sure I have the idea of safety on an aircraft now written into my DNA but that does not stop me paying attention to the crew briefing on every occasion that I fly.

That said briefings are different and give more emphasis to some things than others and some include things that others do not. Some of the things that are programmed into me that don’t appear in all briefings are:

Making sure my seat belt is low and tight – QF
My shoes are on – SQ
In the event of an emergency landing loosening tie and collar and removing sharp objects from my pockets – TK

Equally if things go wrong the following phrases are programmed in:
Pull one mask downwards and place it over your nose and mouth – SQ

Doors are opened by pulling the handle inwards and upwards and windows by pulling the handle inwards and downwards – LH A320 series but any A320 will be the same.

Life jackets are almost always identical with straps to attach to a clip which is easy and obvious apart from BA who tell you to ‘pass the tapes around your waist and tie them securely in a double bow at the side’ – can you imagine trying to do that while seated in an economy class seat, with the clip you would have a chance, the BA jacket is a failure and was out of date thirty years ago.

In general I still prefer the crew to do the demo, videos are not generally very well made and they get very stale. If they are made of cartoon characters they are a turn off immediately as is the scenario of the crew gossiping in the galley while it is played – surely it is for their safety too!

This video is probably the one that is most programmed into me and although long, I watched it so many times I can almost recite it which I think is no bad thing:

Also when they are in two languages, I prefer the messages to be given comprehensively in one language and then the other as done by LH rather than segment by segment as done by AF although I do think their current one is rather good!

Equally it might be better if only the relevant things are covered for example if you fly between TXL-MUC with LH, they will not take up time telling you about life jackets for obvious reasons.

All told, I think most airlines have room for improvement in their safety demonstrations but then of course things like new videos cost money and while NZ invest regularly and produce some amazing videos BA and their cartoons are so out of date that it’s difficult to take seriously.

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