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Hey , it’s all about being able to “see” through devices when x-rayed , as I’m sure you’re aware kindles and iPads are quite thin and even if packed with other things in your bag they can “see” through and make sure nothing untoward is inside the device , as for laptops they are quite thick like so many of the goons you have to come into contact with ( ha- ha) well I found it very funny belittling people you don’t even know !! And they are removed to make it easier to “see” through in the X-ray with nothing else in the background to obscure the view .
From time to time perhaps the DfT will decide to say that all devices have to be scanned separately , you know that time when the suits come round to do their inspections and decide that everyone should do something differently , really though small screen devices like kindles shouldn’t be a problem , but then again some people have difficulty in understanding what 100mls and a liquid is ?
I suppose we could all get angry and upset about it or just react like HongKongLady and take it in your stride .