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When I arrive at LHR, I exit out of T-3 and walk over to the shelter with ashtrays for my cigarette. Maybe because I’m from California, I couldn’t enjoy my cigarette if someone was forced to walk next to me. Now having said this, I do think that “they” need to accept at some point that smokers are not going away just because people want them to go away, and banning smoking everywhere makes the smokers resentful and perhaps not so polite. There’s no reason that an airport can’t have a smoking room, lots of them do. If I connect in Denver, there’s a nice bar with good airport views and it’s always packed with people buying drinks and snacks. Perhaps if smokers weren’t treated with such disdain they would be less difficult and stop throwing cigarettes on the ground and standing beside public doors while puffing away. It’s worth a try, isn’t it?