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It just occurred to me that having denigrated LHR for charging to pick up, my beloved local airport is just as bad. There is no pick-up area, so one needs to use a car park. I failed to think about this before because the only time this would affect us is in Heathrow (in HK, we either take the wonderful Airport Express train service or have a car/driver where the cost is rolled up in the transfer fee so it is invisible to us, or we are collecting family members so we always arrive early to wait in th e arrival hall and so have to park anyway). Perhaps, on reflection, failing to provide a pick-up area – which would soon get snarled up as a free short-term car park – is understandable? I would still like to see a free provision, don’t get me wrong, and imposing a time limit for being stationary would seem more effective than an arbitrary pick-up vs drop-off distinction