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These are timely postings. I was waiting at T4 Departures yesterday to pick somebody up (unaware of latest developments), parked correctly in a bay, on the phone, when I was interrupted by a ‘support officer’ and told to move. I explained that I would when I had finished my call, but this didn’t satisfy her . . . I hope I avoided a remotely-generated £40 fine (which she mentioned), but my language, which moved from incredulous to abusive, may have done for me.

As WoburnMan suggests, this is merely another irritating cash-generating wheeze dressed up as a necessary security measure. Of course one wishes to avoid the kind of vehicular chaos outside the terminal as you see somewhere like MNL (to take an especially grim example), but on days and at times like yesterday, when there were only half a dozen or so other cars in sight, the behaviour of these kind of jobsworths makes one blood boil. Why can’t they do something useful, and genuinely supportive, with their time?