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Thank you, Tom.

Your patience on this has been commendable; Since 2008, when I first posted here, I have never posted using duplicate handles on this forum (apart from creating two VK-esque handles on Saturday to avoid them being corrupted by others who make a habit of using multiple identities).

Some of these handles were a direct reference to me from the get-go; “Henkel.Trocken” being a cheap German sparkling wine, no doubt a purposeful counterpoint to my more refined – and genuine – champagne handle.

If HT decides to remove himself from the forum prior to being exposed, that is his decision.

It is clear that many of the Usual Suspects out to cause trouble have used duplicates, all the while accusing me of being the one with multiple handles.

We can only pity those who have so little in their lives that they have to play these sorts of online games.