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Hi Tom

With all due respect, you have allowed one individual to propagate this forum with nonsense and inaccurate information on an almost hourly basis. BT has consistently turned a blind-eye to the plethora of posts which have no meaning or bearing on subject matter of particular threads and BT has heard / read at least 10 prominent contributing people on this forum all telling you the same thing. If 10 of my staff all told me the same thing about one of my employees, I would have to accept that they cannot all be wrong would look for any evidence to support their assertions. You don’t have to look far to see the issues, and if you cannot see them, then it might explain why you are getting the complaints that you are.

I’d also wager there have been other valuable contributors left this forum courtesy of this poster and his/her relentless post-rate – close to 8000 posts – it is like his/her own private little forum. There is also no doubt in my mind that he/she hides behind more than one alias, something you could easily check by interrogating the IP address from various posters. If you’d like a list of which aliases to check, send me an email, you have my address.

It appears there have been repeated requests to modify the technology (or more accurately lack of technology) to improve the flow of discussion on this forum, to allow HTML, to allow photographs, to create a log-in which identifies you from IP rather than from just a random log-in name, can I tell you Tom I’ve been positing on forums with these basic features for donkeys years. This place is SO old-fashioned, and it isn’t costly, I have a forum on one of my website it cost next to nothing to have all of the aforementioned features and it gives me full control with little time/effort. Alas, it would seem that these requests have been ignored or passed off as “too expensive”, I actually think you’ve just chosen to allow the board to self-police – this has failed. You now have a core of posters who wish to discuss and debate business travel but are stifled and frustrated at every turn. They are so frustrated and irate that they are leaving.

When I joined this forum I took some exception to the level of criticism dished to this poster, within a very short space of time I understood why – if you wish to take no action – I’m rather afraid that you reap what you sow and this forum will continue to splutter along with the same levels of acrimony and long-standing animosity. It is a loss that DOS has gone. Big loss.

I’ve been participating in internet forums since the late 1990’s, in that time I have seen, and acted upon, actual cyber-bullying – not the hysteria on here which passes as such – from what I have seen there is outrageous levels of trolling, thread manipulation and bumping which all goes unpunished or not even commented upon. I have seen nothing which I would consider to be bullying.

Finally, earlier on this here thread BigDog has given you a 100% accurate reflection on the issue with this forum, the choice about what to do is not ours, it really isn’t up to us to modify what we post, the improvements that need making are all up to Business Traveller.

PS It isn’t just publishing going through a tough time right now.

*Edited to replace the poster “Binman” with “BigDog”.

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