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Yes, most of the Flying Blue members receive this, it really is a terrific magazine.
Well laid out, thoughtfully compiled with many places of the world featured month by month. It is one of the best i have seen from any Airline on line. Their magazine on board has always been one of the most distinctive also, with a photo of the Airlines history in each, and lots of very up to date useful information.

At, you can compile your own destination guide and it is emailed to you as per your destination. their website is full of fantastic information for wherever you travel too. KLM has one of the very best Websites of any Airline, and have developed it greatly over the last 3 years. They have asked many Business travellers and regulars of the Airline in their lounges, through face to face surveys, what they wanted and have made it happen.

I was one of the main 100 they interviewed for an hr to compile the main themes, and it was very meticulously followed through.