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As I understand it. There ares different pricing options for prospective PP cards.

One can pay a lower annual price say $90 and then a pay as you use per visit. I understand there is a second level with higher upfront and lower per use cost

Also there is an “all in” free per visit but an annual fee of in the region of $400.

Hence on entry refusal there are varying degrees of “Losers”. The higher “per visit fee cardholde” at least saves the entry fee.

The chap who has the “all in” has essentially pre paid for his/her entry. This group should get a refund.

My bank used to bundle in an unlimited PP card as part of a package (the banking package only cost €130 per annum so it was a no brainier. It also had a comprehensive travel insurance package) The bank no longer offers it and I did not renew separately with PP. it seems too expensive on its own and with these problem with cardholders being refused entry, I am glad I did not.