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Suggestion re sharing itineraries: I use a website called, perhaps others here use it? It organises itineraries based on forwarded emails, and I find it very convenient to use it to self-organise and print a copy before departure. There is a feature to share itineraries with trusted friends, and If others use it I guess a bunch of us could informally share…? It’s not the most secure / private option would be my main caution. Perhaps there’s somethign that Blackberry runs…?

Martyn you missed my suggestion to take time off! 🙂

MillionsOfMiles, you’re bang on and I strongly second your posting,- can’t help noticing how many of the posters here complain about the life (including me), but in reality…it’s addictive. Not all can say no to a boss of course, but it’s also addictive.