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The trouble is FlyingChinaman, that not everyone has a network of friends or colleagues all over the world, especially if visiting new markets and exploring for fresh business.

It’s great you have such a wonderful network, and I’m also fortunate that my network is very wide, but just the same, there are still places I visit where I know no-one, and sometimes friends are out of town during a planned trip.

I remember many years ago when I did business in the Cameroons, the owner of the hotel I stayed in, the Akwa Palace in Douala, organised each evening a cocktail for single (mostle business) people staying in the hotel with a table organised for dinner afterwards.

I met some very interesting people this way, some of which led to new business being generated, and it was nice to spend an evening with others, some of whom became good friends.

I’ve often wished this idea could be extended to other hotels.