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Have a really good evening.

It’s excellent that these posters’ events seem to be becoming a fixture. There are some really interesting and pleasant people who contribute to the Forum and it’s a pleasure meeting some of them face-to-face.

As evidence of this, a well-known poster who uses a nom de plume (not a nom de guerre, so it’s not VK or Disgusted – and I’m only joking chaps!) noted my post about being diagnosed with diabetes. This poster sent me an email with details of their own diet regime and other useful advice, as they too are diabetic, and we have been in correspondence since. That shows that as a group of people, many of whom are anonymous, we don’t just offer helpful advice on things travel-related, but also can extend advice in other fields. All good stuff.

Abject apologies once more that I am unable to join you (I think it’s probably my round, Jim..!).

Regards and have fun,