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Suprise suprise, this post may suprise a few people.

Lets start with Jeff Rush. About a year ago we were in contact (from this forum) as he felt he had a comparable or even better solution than the Centurion insurance package provided via Amex, for card holders. Bottom line was that the information he gave me was mostly hot air and his “policy” came no where near benefits being provided by Amex.

He seemed to just fade away, all hot air and no substance. Now he reappears.

Let me also bring you up to date with Amex.

One of my big grumbles about the Amex benefits was that it was a policy owned by Amex who invited certain card holders to enjoy the benefits, but with no regulatory accountabilty. Amex did VOLUNTARILY abide by the Financial Ombudsman service, but only when it suited them.

Imagine my suprise when a letter came through the door confirming that Amex policy was now fully Regulated under the FSA, which makes them legally accountable for the quoted policy terms and conditions this providing card holders much more robust policy and cover.

My understanding and I am sure that I will be corrected if I am wrong, but Amex Platinum and Centurion card holders are people who enjoy a fully regualted travel insurance policy.

So what does all this mean???

Bottom line is that most of the travelling public view travel insurance on cost and not benefits, hence you see adverts “cheapest travel cover etc etc”. Amex are now required to clearly set out (and not in small print) the terms, conditions, benefits, what you can claim for and what you cant claim for. They must have procedures in place to ensure that their card holders are treated fairly and most important of all the regulatory aspect is now compulsory and not voluntary.

I still feel that the Amex centurion card is a total waste of money, but if you look at the Platinum card and travel policy (especially the fact that it covers up to 5 addtional members of your family, not just children, makes the whole proposition of the Plat card, far far more interesting.

One final point to Jeff Rush, again, if you can supply better benefits at a cheaper cost than Amex, you will have my business – you are welcome any time to call me.

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